Tex Mex Santa Fe


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Tex Mex Santa Fe

Flickering candlelight, salsa music and Tex Mex dishes - that's what the restaurant Santa Fe is all about. The menu lists plenty of choices such as chili con carne, enchiladas, and fajitas. Don't forget to order one of their special cocktails and you are good to go!


As the capital of Saxony, Dresden has all the usual culinary offerings of a major city, as well as a wide range of top-class restaurants, but also offers some special Saxon treats. The Inner Neustadt area also has plenty of restaurants serving dishes from the nearby region of Bohemia, while the alternative restaurant scene in Outer Neustadt offers culinary treats from across the globe. Locally brewed beer should be enjoyed in one of the many beer gardens along the Elbe, while wines from the surrounding vineyards taste best in one of the romantic restaurants on the river slopes.