Katy's Garage


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Katy's Garage

Old car doors, rusty wheels and everything else that you can expect to find in an old garage. Luckily, Katy's Garage isn't exclusively about cars, but has a bar filled with all kinds of liquor from all over the world, and even a smoke lounge on the second floor. There is a beer garden operating from April to October which also serves grilled dishes.

Bars & Nightlife

No matter what your fancy is, Dresden has it. From swanky cocktail bars to traditional German pubs offering some of the best beers in the world: from superb wine establishments in historical surroundings to traditional Irish pubs, from romantic hang-outs on the slopes of the Elbe to alternative-style drinking venues in wacky Neustadt. Dresden has built up a reputation as one of the best party cities in Germany with a flurry of different clubs, playing all kinds of music ranging from salsa and R&B to techno and house. Party animals simply won’t leave this city disappointed.