Undertake one of the most inspiring trips of your life. A captivating mix combining the vitality of the Mekong and the mysticism of the Irrawaddy that will entrance and delight for years to come.
Starting at $17095.00+

Get to know the islands of the Arctic like never before on this in-depth exploration of one of the world’s most unique regions.
Starting at $29065.00+

Combine the religious wonders of Israel with the desert landscapes and Roman relics of Jordan for a wonderfully enlightening escapade.
Starting at $11585.00+

From the majesty of the pyramids to the unrivalled beauty of the Treasury at Petra, mesmerising desertscapes, world famous seas and a cruise on the mighty River Nile, you will uncover the ancient and natural wonders of Egypt and Jordan in-depth on this magnificent 21 day journey.
Starting at $13095.00+

Setting sail from Longyearbyen, you’ll waste no time in immersing yourself in the true polar wonderland that is Spitsbergen and the Svalbard Archipelago.
Starting at $17095.00+

Travel back in time and explore the lands of the mighty pharaohs and biblical prophets, all while being ensconced in modern day luxuries.
Starting at $13695.00+

Starting in beautiful Budapest, enjoy an all-inclusive luxury river cruise before ending with 3 nights in Paris. Visit Vienna, Regensburg and Bamberg.
Starting at $9820.00+

Island hopping around the Caribbean is the essence of this itinerary as you spend 12 days on board Scenic Eclipse living out your luxurious island fantasies and discovering the wonders of this spectacular region.
Starting at $10545.00+

Majestic islands, glaciers and fjords A truly bespoke itinerary that offers up the very best of the islands and fjords of Chile. Explore the dramatic Chilean coastline, the remote Island of Chiloé, home to Humboldt and Magellanic penguin breeding ground and the very southern tip of Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn. Scenic Eclipse will take…
Starting at $12095.00+

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